burn-1294425_640On Discovering a Fire

  1. Get everyone out of the caravan.
  2. Do not stop to collect any belongings.
  3. Call 999 and ask for the fire and rescue service.
  4. All park residents must go to the nearest fire assembly point, located at the site office.

REMEMBER: caravan fires can spread rapidly!

  • Remain calm and, if present, please take instructions from the fire marshals:

Lisa Mitchell and Graham Caldow

  • If a small fire is outside the caravan area and can be easily extinguished, without causing yourself harm, please use the fire-fighting equipment available.

Never put yourself at risk!

  • Cars must not be parked on the major road links on the site. This could block access for the emergency vehicles.
  • The fire-fighting equipment is for emergency use only. It is not to be used for any other activity.