Site rules

The site operates a maximum speed limit of 5 mph

20707931_1379203558814870_6822131672520601498_nPlease remember that there are children playing and cycling on site. There have been occasions when vehicles have driven above this limit and were lucky that a child hadn’t run out. We urge Kids_balance_bike_(Kinderlaufrad)you to drive slowly, at all times, and be aware of youngsters and your neighbours. We can all enjoy our holidays if we are mindful of others.

Riding a bike is part of the fun of being on a caravan park in the summer. But, in the interests BMX_Nationals,_2008of safety, can you speak to your children about the speed at which they ride along the roads – and areas that are used by others. Some children are riding very fast! With cars driving in and out of the site and toddlers running around, we would advise you to explain these dangers to your child so that they don’t injure themselves or someone else. Thank you!

Please drive and ride safely!

We appreciate your co-operation in keeping Bluewater Caravan Park safe for everyone. Thank you!